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Grace Presbyterian Church

Ministry Team Operating Plan

Adopted by Session 09/12/04

I. Mission Statement

As expressed in our Mission Statement, Grace Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is committed to diversity, inclusiveness, and service to the community. In furtherance of our commitment, this policy establishes an operating plan for the church's Ministry Teams.

II. Responsibilities

A. The Session of Grace Presbyterian Church hereby authorizes the creation of ten (10) Ministry Teams, and delegates to them the authority to fulfill their assigned duties and responsibilities as discussed later in this plan, within the constraints of its budget and the policy guidelines set forth in the Mission Statement, the Statement of Community, the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and such other policy directives as may from time to time be promulgated to the Session. Having delegated responsibility to appropriate Ministry Teams, the Session will exercise general oversight through the reporting and Session liaison (Reporting Elders) processes, and trusts the Ministry Teams to fulfill their obligations responsibly within the framework of policy and budget established by the Session.

B. Every program or activity of the church shall be assigned by the Session to one of the Ministry Teams. It is contemplated that most families of the congregation will be involved in some aspect of the work of Grace through a Ministry Team.

C. For oversight purposes, the Moderator of the Session will assign at least one Elder in active service on the Session to serve on each Ministry Team. Such Elder will be designated the Team's Reporting Elder and will serve as liaison between the Team and the Session, providing advice and guidance to the Team regarding the approved policies of Grace Church as enunciated by its Session. The Reporting Elder shall serve as an active member of the Ministry Team to which he/she is assigned, but shall exercise no authority within the Team except as may be delegated by the Team Leader.

D. The church Nominating Committee shall be responsible for nominating Team Leaders to lead and manage each of the Ministry Teams. The Session shall elect one (1) Team Leader for each Ministry Team from the roster presented by the Nominating Committee. Team Leaders need not have been ordained as Elders. The term of a Team Leader shall be two (2) years, beginning in August and ending in July. Team Leaders may be elected for up to three (3) consecutive terms, totaling six (6) years. At the end of his/her third consecutive term, the Team Leader must take one term off prior to being re-elected. There will be two staggered classes of Team Leaders, which are as follows: Communication and Evangelism, Administration and Finance, Membership, Music and Worship, and Youth Team Leaders elected in the same year and Christian Education, Congregational Care, Mission, Property, and Stewardship elected in the same year. If, for any reason, a Team Leader must step down before the end of his/her term, an individual is elected to serve for the remainder of the term, and is eligible to be elected for the next two full terms. As necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the Team, the Team Leader may delegate responsibilities to other Team members. It is contemplated that such delegated responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following: delegation of preparation and presentation of the monthly Team report in the absence of the Reporting Elder, designation of an alternate to approve the expenditure of budgeted funds in the absence of the Team Leader, appointment of leaders for short-term projects, and appointment of persons to coordinate activities with other Ministry Teams.

E. In the event that any Team lacks adequate membership, the Session, with the cooperation of the Stewardship Team, may be requested to assist in recruiting members through special appeals to the congregation and/or individual contacts.

F. The authority to enter into contracts and legal agreements resides solely in the Session. In the event that execution of a contract or legal agreement is necessary to accomplish its mission, a Team shall submit a written request to the Ministry Team for Administration and Finance together with a copy of the proposed agreement. The Ministry Team for Administration and Finance shall be responsible for reviewing the agreement and making a recommendation to the Session as to the advisability of executing the agreement.

G. Each Ministry Team will submit an oral monthly report to the Session. The Reporting Elder is responsible for the presentation of the report. In the absence of the Reporting Elder, the Team Leader shall designate a Team member to prepare the report. The format of the report is at the discretion of the Team. If the report contains action items for Session approval those items will either be brought up during the report or as part of an omnibus motion with other action before reports are given.

H. Each Ministry Team will make an oral report at the monthly roundtable meeting. The Team Leader is responsible for this report.

III. Organization

A. Each Ministry Team is assigned responsibility for particular aspects of the life of Grace Church. Because of their multiple responsibilities, it is expected that most Ministry Teams will form divisions, committees, or task groups as necessary to carry out their assigned functions.

B. A division is defined as a permanent sub-group with specific responsibility for an area of the Team's work, and has the authority to carry out that work on behalf of the Team. Each division has a moderator appointed by the Team Leader.

C. A committee is a longer term temporary working group with a specific assignment for part of the Team's work. The Team Leader designates a chairperson for each committee.

D. A task group has a short-term assignment, and is responsible to the Team Leader for carrying out a specific task or developing recommendations for future consideration by the Team.

E. Functions assigned to the Ministry Teams shall be as follows:

  1. Ministry Team for Administration and Finance
  2. Ministry Team for Christian Education
  3. Ministry Team for Communication and Evangelism
  4. Ministry Team for Congregational Care
  5. Ministry Team for Membership
  6. Ministry Team for Mission and Service
  7. Ministry Team for Property and Facilities
  8. Ministry Team for Stewardship
  9. Ministry Team for Music and Worship
  10. Ministry Team for Youth

IV. Meetings

A. Each Team will hold regularly scheduled monthly meetings as necessary. All meetings of Teams, divisions, committees, and task groups are to be entered on the Church Master Calendar located in the Church office. The Master Calendar should be consulted prior to scheduling any meeting so as to avoid scheduling conflicts with other church activities. Whenever feasible, the congregation should be informed in advance of Team Meetings through publication in the Church Calendar, Grace Notes, and the Sunday worship bulletin.

B. The Team Leader may communicate with the Pastor prior to the meeting for suggestions of items to be included in the meeting agenda. The Pastor may, at his/her discretion, participate in any Team, division, committee, or task group meeting. If the Pastor's presence is desired for a particular meeting, the Team Leader should coordinate with the Pastor.

C. All Team Meetings are open to any member of the congregation. However, the Ministry Team for Administration and Finance may elect to hold closed sessions for the single purpose of discussing confidential personal matters relating to a specific individual.

V. Coordination

When the work of one Team relates to or impacts the work of another Team, the Team Leader or his/her designated representative will see that appropriate communication is established between the Teams.

VI. Budget

When a Team's budget has been approved by the Session, the Ministry Team for Administration and Finance shall forward the approved budget in writing to each Team Leader. In the event the Session amends the approved budget of any Ministry Team during the fiscal year, the Reporting Elder shall communicate the action immediately to the Team Leader. At least quarterly, the Session and all Team Leaders will hold a joint meeting to review the budget.