Building Use Policy

February 2009

Grace Presbyterian’s ministry is to:
Glorify God by
Reaching out to the community and the world,
Accepting all as children of God, being
Christ-centered in our service and ministry, and
Embracing God’s love and grace through the Holy Spirit as a church family.

The building and grounds are tools for enhancing the witness of the congregation. Grace welcomes the use of its facilities by church members and other groups who support the mission of the congregation. Grace Presbyterian Church welcomes support groups and on-going non-profit groups whose goals and values are consistent with those of the congregations to meet in its facility.

The building, equipment, furnishings and supplies are the property of the congregation and, therefore shall not be used by any group or individuals without prior approval. Arrangements to use the building shall be made with Grace Presbyterian office, 722-0508. Building use expectations, deposits, and related information will be handled through the office.

Grace Presbyterian is not responsible for accidents or injuries due to unauthorized use of property or building.

Building use events shall fall into one of the following four categories:

  1.  Congregational events scheduled by one of the Congregational Teams. Sensitivity regarding funerals is expected from all building users.
  2.  Events including wedding, wedding receptions, wedding brunches, rehearsal dinners. Completion of an “Application for Building Use” is required.
  3.  Non-profit events whose goals and values are consistent with those of Grace. Completion of an “Application for Building Use” is required. Grace is not to be used for any fund-raising activity.
  4.  General use. Other groups, to include overnight groups, whose goals and values are consistent with those of Grace. For this type of use, there must be a congregational sponsor. Completion of an “Application for Building Use” is required.

Events in categories three and four may be tentatively scheduled 12 months in advance but will be confirmed 90 days in advance. Pastors, Teams, and Committees may schedule events and reclaim these dates prior to the 90-day confirmation deadline. Groups that meet on a regularly scheduled basis will be required to re-submit a building use application annually by March 1.

The Session will establish a schedule of appropriate fees for use of the facilities. Fees may be adjusted or waived for non-profit groups whose goals and values are consistent with those of Grace.

Groups using the facilities may be issued a building key for access to the building. Keys must be checked out from the church office during regular weekday business hours. A key/damage deposit of $100.00 will be charged to be refunded when the key is returned and if no damage is found. Keys must be returned within three working days after the event or the key/damage deposit is forfeited. The deposit is also forfeited if the building is left unsecured by the group using the facilities. The building must be secured according to the checklist accompanying this sheet.

No property or equipment of the church will be removed from the building except for repairs or replacement. This applies to utensils, tables, chairs, VCR, musical instruments, etc. Groups using the facility on a continuous basis for meetings must notify the church office when they will NOT meet and also when they use the facility for an activity other than their regular meeting.

The use of the facilities is limited to non-profit organizations. No person, group, or organization may use the grounds or facilities for commercial or political activities or charge admission fees. Freewill offerings may be received.

Church staff will approve all building use agreements. In all cases, Grace Presbyterian Church reserves the right to refuse the use of the church facilities. The Finance and Administration Team will annually review all long term building use agreements.

Guidelines for the Use of Grace’s Sanctuary Piano and Organ

Practicing on organ and piano:

free, no heat/air provided, clear date with Director of Music Ministries, no keys issued, arrange with office for access.

Recitals by individual congregational members:

heat/air provided, clear date with church office and Director of Music Ministries. No fees charges.

Student recitals and/or concerts:

heat/air provided, concert approved by Director of Music Ministries, date cleared with church office and Director of Music Ministries. Fee charged will be $25 per hour.

Non-member use for recitals, concerts and recording sessions:

heat/air provided, Concert approved by Director of Music Ministries and the date cleared with church office. If the renter desires the piano to be tuned, the individual renter will pay the cost of tuning the piano. Grace’s tuner is preferred but other tuners will be considered. Advance notice must be given if the church staff if to secure its tuner. The written agreement is to be signed and returned to the church office. Sanctuary fee will be $100 and is over and above the cost of tuning.

Use and Care of Facilities

One of the underlying assumptions about the use of church facilities is that they will be used with proper respect and care. Groups using the building are responsible for leaving the facilities in a clean and safe condition. Payment of fees for space and other services are to be paid in advance of use.

Responsibilities of User

All users will exercise normal care in the use of our facility.

  • No smoking is permitted in the facility. The person(s) making the reservation will enforce this restriction.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the facility or on Church property. The person making the reservation will enforce this restriction. Grace Presbyterian reserves the right to cancel the event if this rule is violated.
  • All trash must be placed in the containers provided.
  • All users are responsible for the safety and actions of anyone they bring onto Grace Presbyterian property.
  • All users are responsible for providing adequate security to ensure that unauthorized people do not gain access to Church property because of the permitted use.
  • Any items brought onto Church property must be removed immediately after use, unless advance arrangement is made.
  • Posters, visual displays, etc. may not be affixed to walls (no tape, tacks, screws, hooks or nails) except with blue masking tape usually used to mask for painting.
  • Users must provide their own paper goods, plastic silverware, coffee, lemonade, sugar, creamer and condiments. Grace Church does not provide these items.
  • Please avoid red, orange, blue and purple beverages.
  • If there is a spill, please try to clean it up as well as possible. Also, please leave a note specifying what was spilled. Mops, brooms, and dust pans are available in the janitor closets.
  • In case the fire alarm is set off, evacuate the building and call a person on the emergency list. Call 911 if needed. Grace’s alarm system is NOT connected to the fire department.
  • Do not use Grace Presbyterian’s name in advertising as a sponsoring organization.
  • Do not publish Grace Presbyterian’s phone number to call for further information.

Refund of deposit check depends on condition of building after you leave.

Checklist for Grace Presbyterian Building Closing

Survey the room(s) you were using to see that it is in the same condition as when you arrived:

  1. Trash picked up, furniture returned to its place
  2. Windows closed
  3. Lights turned off

If your group used other areas of the church, be sure to check those for:

  1. Trash picked up
  2. Windows closed
  3. Lights turned off

If you use the nursery, check for the items listed above plus make sure the toys are put away.

If you used the kitchen, MAKE SURE ALL APPLIANCES ARE SHUT OFF (do not unplug Bunn coffee maker, just turn off the warm plates), any leftover food is to be taken with you and all dishes used are to be cleaned and put back into the cupboards.

Turn off all lights- security lights will remain on in some areas.